Maxine Eskenazi

Principal Systems Scientist

Maxine S. Eskenazi received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1973. She received her DEA (Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies - equiv. Masters) in Linguistics from the University of Paris VII in 1981 and her Doctorat de Troisieme Cycle in Computer Science from the University of Paris XI in 1984. Her thesis was on “Caracterisation acoustique des voyelles francaises en vue de leur reconnaissance automatique” and her thesis advisor was Jean-Sylvain Lienard.

She founded the Carnegie SpeechTM company in 2001 and is Chief Technical Officer and Vice President. Carnegie SpeechTM is a CMU spinoff. She is presently Principal Systems Scientist in the Language Technologies Institute of the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University. She also holds a tenured research position at LIMSI-CNRS in Orsay, France.

Alan W. Black


Prof. Alan W Black is a world leader in the area of speech synthesis. He is a principal author of the Festival Speech Synthesis System, a free software system which has been used by a large number of academic and industrial groups through out the world. He is also the author of the FestVox Voice Building tools which have been used to create speech synthesizers in over 40 different languages. He also wrote and distributes the small-footprint speech synthesizer Flite. With Prof. Tanja Scultz he has produced a web-based system for building recognizers and speech synthesizers in new languages.

With Dr. Maxine Eskenazi, he has developed real spoken dialog system platforms through the NSF funded Dialog Research Center (Dialrc) and he is the organizer for the Spoken Dialog Challenge 2010. In addition to speech synthesis he also carries out research in voice conversion and portable speech-to-speech translation systems. He was the pioneer if developing unit selection speech synthesis, where appropriate sub-word units are automatically selected from large databases of natural speech. This helped move the field of speech synthesis from a rule driven approach to a data driven approach.

Current Students


Tiancheng Zhao

Ph.D Candidate

Carnegie Mellon University, LTI


Shikib Mehri


Carnegie Mellon University, LTI


Kyusong Lee

Postdoctoral Associate

Carnegie Mellon University, LTI

Visiting Researchers

Junki Ohmura

Visiting Research Scholar

Sony, Japan

Undergraduate Students


Ananad Bollu

Hi, I’m Anand, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I’m passionate about machine learning and social innovation, and my research here at the LTI allows me to unify the two.

Sashank Gogula

I'm Sashank, an undergraduate, majoring in computer science with front-end development experience and interest in natural language processing and user interface design.



Sungjin Lee

Microsoft Research

Senior Researcher

Ting-Yao Hu

Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D student

Allen Lu

Carnegie Mellon University


Edward Cai


Software Enginner


Ekaterina Villevald

Twilio Inc.

Software Engineering Intern


Meheresh Yeditha

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Assistant


Fabrizio Ghigi

Move Digital AG

NLP Engineer


Jose David Aguas Lopes

Research Associate

Heriot-Watt University

Miranda Lin

Carnegie Mellon University


Wynne Yao

Carnegie Mellon University


Qiuyi Yin

I'm Qiuyi Yin, majoring in statistics and machine learning. I am interested in interdisciplinary studies involving social sciences, statistics and computer science.

Yulun Du


Carnegie Mellon University, LTI

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